1899: Pisco en San Francisco. Button Punch: alas de querubines

Rudyard Kipling hace una descripción del Button Punch que se sirve en un bar de San Francisco en su libro "From sea to sea" de Rudyard Kipling, escrito en 1899. El Button Punch estaba elaborado de Pisco brandy embarcado desde el Perú hacia San Francisco.

Button Punch. Toma diez minutos para prepararlo, el resultado es el más noble y hermoso producto de nuestra era. Nadie, pero nadie sabe lo que hay en el. Tengo la teoría de que está compuesto de alitas de querubines, la gloria de un amanecer tropical, nubes rojas de atardeceres y fragmentos de antiguas epopeyas escritas por grandes maestros fallecidos.
In the heart of the business quarter, where banks and bankers are thickest, and telegraph wires most numerous, stands a semi-subterranean bar tended by a German with long blond locks and a crystalline eye.

Go thither softly, treading on the tips of your toes, and ask him for a Button Punch. 'Twill take ten minutes to brew, but the result is the highest and noblest product of the age. No man but one knows what is in it. I have a theory it is compounded of the shavings of cherubs' wings, the glory of a tropical dawn, the red clouds of sunset, and fragments of lost epics by dead masters. But try you for yourselves, and pause a while to bless me, who am always mindful of the truest interests of my brethren. But enough of the stale spilth of bar-rooms. Turn now to the august spectacle of a Government of the people, by the people, for the people, as it is understood in the city of San Francisco.

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